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High School Science 2014/10/31 factory visit

Factory Tours

Laser departmen Assistant manager
詹澤勝 Assistant manager

Yuanlin Factory for the integration of CHUN

Yuanlin Factory for the integration of CHUNG PU all the business group established plant and to provide outstanding customer service.

providing customers with the best solution.
This is very welcome teachers and Huwei Institute of Technology ZhongzhouEngineering students visit the factory.

Also like to take this opportunity to let future students want to join the processing business units have more understanding and experien

History and Central Business Projects

Visit Our presentation (CNC laser cutting, CNC wire cutting sheet cutting live)
(Two groups of staff)

A group (4000W, 3500W presentation)
Group B (CNC wire cutting presentation)

Visit Plant Introduction
A group of product manufacturing processes (production management, quality control, research and development)
Sheet metal processing

B Ending -> NCT punching machine -> welding process -> laser cutting -> Lathe -> polishing -> Packaging group legislature
Group B Products - CNC automatic bar feeder