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With the Chinese Ghost Festival,8/17 is CHUNG PU holiday

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Chinese Ghost Festival in the summer, is a traditional custom in Taiwan

Western world have Halloween, east world has Hungry Ghost Festival.
The offering of food is the most important rite in the Pudu, and believers make sacrifices of rich dishes to sate the lonely ghosts’ appetites.
Apart from food, people also prepare new clothes to allow their passage into the world to be a comfortable one.
Because of the discipline rite performed by the priest, believers think that the food for the hordes of ghosts will bring them good luck if they eat it,
and so people compete for the food offerings in the “chiang gu" activity, the liveliest scene in the Pudu rite.
Apart from the offering of food, people also recite sutras for the wandering souls, so that they can cross over into paradise.
The end of the Pudu rite is the “closing of the ghost gate" on the 29th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar,
and at dusk on that day, people prepare cooked food outside the doors of their homes as a “farewell dinner" for the lonely ghosts,
and the lantern poles in front of the temples are dismantled, announcing the end of the Pudu rite. Sometimes,
fearing that the lonely ghosts will be unwilling to return to the underworld, and will harm mortals,
temples will invite Chung Kuei (a special deity who protects humans from evil spirits) to escort the ghosts,
and in this way keep the locality safe and peaceful. 


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