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Obtain CE certification through SGS Taiwan

Intracompany Info

Chung Pu was found in 1981 and is a comprehensive company in aspects of design, manufacture, production, and processing.
R & D team was set up in 2005 to develop and manufacture new products, and dedicated to the development and manufacture of automatic feeder technology;
specifically for enterprises, companies, and individual users to provide high-quality auxiliary equipment and automatized services.
The company products are not only sold in domestic market, but also sales to overseas markets.
Quality has earned very much international recognition. 

The automatic feeder produced by our company uses Mitsubishi PLC,
and servo control system can be easily coupled with any lathes to control accuracy of machine.
Also, it uses adjusted anti-shock set and anti-shock wheel to achieve good anti-shock effect,
and is easy to adjust without replacing the shock block; can reduce the cost of supplies for you. Clamp is also adjustment-free;
the replacement of material is no need to adjust the clamping system.
Moreover, machine is designed by the specialized mechanical and industrial designer;
one piece steel frame to form a more solid body. 

At the same time, our company's products have obtained ISO, SGS Taiwan certification,
CE certification, and EN ISO12100: 2010 international quality certification successively to provide customers high quality products and safe user experiences.

Our company bases on "high-quality technology and caring services" for business goals, and follows "reliable and honest"
corporate culture and perfect product manufacturing and design.
During team competitions, we continue to bring up more talents,
innovation breakthroughs, and pursuit of excellence to win customers a wider trust and support!