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Chung Pu established a R&D Center in 2005; it is located in Yuanlin plant. Team members are senior elites from each sector, including design, manufacture, processing, mechanical and electrical integration and assembly, thereby providing customers with OEM, ODM, and OBM integrated services.

In 2007, based on the long experience in manufacturing sheet metal and customer demands, we started the production of extensible covers for machine tools; whether it is general type, high-speed type or special shapes, it can meet customer demands under characteristics of anti-oil, dust-free, low noise, and etc. In recent years, we have specialized in modular design and production of workstations. Provide a large number of excellent quality products to fulfill market demands with the fastest speed.

ALLoASIA brand was founded in 2010, and it produces automatic bar feeder, and develops several oil-mode servo feeders from time to time to provide to large-sized compound turret type lathes, compound Swiss type lathes, traditional cam lathes, and etc. With characteristics of precise feeding, stable processing, easy operation, manpower saving, and various patent technologies to earn a high degree of market recognition.

Currently, with the own brand “AUToASIA” and as an ODM supplier, we has promoted our products in Taiwan and China markets. After years of efforts made by R&D team, we enhance our professional capabilities and sophisticated continuous efforts; from research and development, design, production, sales to after-sales service, not only technology and innovation, but also we uphold the company's seven core policies.


In 1988, department of wire electrical discharge machining was set up, and it started from designing and manufacturing of the pressed molds, such as stamping and machining, equipping with system to show consistent flow to the assembly. Development from the prototype mold to mass production, as inmetal parts, auto parts, motorcycle and bicycle parts, industrial machinery,electronic products internal parts to precision parts, diversified products, is our field of business.

The factory is cooperated with the Taichung facility, while promoting efficiency and technology development, quality control, of course, on-time delivery; we will be able to quote customers with the most reasonable prices.

Factory Equipment

Discharge erosion of cutting. Cutting path is controlled by the computer engineering with the cutting accuracy up to 0.2um and the surface roughness up to 2.5um Rmax.The company has more than ten units of Japan-made cutting machines. They process all kinds of precise molds and special parts, and the sizes of the machines are introduced completely. They are keys in coordination to shorten the delivery.

Finished Product Manufacturing

Our factory can correspond to a wide variety of punching patterns, along with the efficient operation of using a combination of the best materials and applications, from the release of a small volume to mass production, we have built up a complete manufacturing system to have enough materials, and depending on the materials and processing contents, such as lot number to respond to our customers needs.


Started from auto parts, industrial machinery, industrial sheet metal, sports equipment to ODM & OEM all kinds of products, we specializes at sophisticated industrial prototype and product development. According to the requirements of customers to establish a solid partnership, customers are our mutual consultations. We have fully played an active role in laser industry.

We have over 20 years of experiences since 1995, and we have seven different watt laser machines (4000 watts, 3000 watts, 2000 watts, 1600 watts) from Japan. Cutting plate thickness is up to 16mm, machining accuracy ± less than 0.1mm, maximum cutting range: 5 feet wide x10 feet long, cutting material: aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, low-carbon panels; small volume and large variety, stamping cutting, mold-free, direct cutting.

3C automation industry

3C automation industry

Pipe cutting
Laser cutting
Electrolytic polishing

Packaging Machinery

Machinery Parts

Laser cutting

Laser cutting Tapping Bending TIG welding Grind

Machinery Parts

Laser cutting
TIG welding


Machinery Parts

Laser cutting
TIG welding

CNC Lathe

CNC is a abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control, the advantage of which is to process large quantity, complex design, high-precision required workpieces.

Currently the company's production lines in central Taiwan have a wide range of Japanese compound swiss type and turret type automatic CNC lathes with characteristics of turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping to complete precise processing in one single machine.

CNC Lathe Material:

304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, POM and etc.Lathe with different materials need to be used with different lathe tools in order to ensure the accuracy of the individual product requirements.

Processing Capacity:

[ Swiss Type Lathe ]

Characteristics Workpiece held by main spindle and rotated; Z axis moves to process workpiece.
Function Processing capabilities with side milling and back side, workpiece can be processed on a single machine to complete the job.
Applications Suitable for high precision, small or thin parts processing; the smallest outer diameter=3mm and maximum outer diameter=20mm.

[ Turret Type Lathe ]

Characteristics Main spindle rotates; Turret moves to process workpiece.
Function Work with C-axis and sub-spindle; has end surface milling, cylindrical surface milling, drilling, and tapping function.
Applications Heavy cutting for large diameter workpieces, a wide range of applications; maximum outer diameter=42mm.

Bending Machine

Bending technology is used in iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal sheet forming by using press machines to complete bending, riveting, leveling, molding and adjusting. Workpiece is cut and fed under laser cutting and NCT automatic punching and made into non-bending work piece beforehand and followed by bending die cutter or simple bending mold to complete various bending and forming.

X axis, Y axis, and R axis are synchronous operation, for example, different angles and different sizes can be bending at once, and individual operation is also available.

We currently use Japan AMADA and TOYOKOKI computer automation bending machine for various productions; output of 125 tons, 100 tons, 50 tons, 36 tons and can bend up to 3 m length of the workpiece. We have engineers with many years of experience with nearly a hundred different shape tools to cater the diverse needs of customers, not only mass production, but also a small amount of manufacturing flexibility.


The company has OTC DAIHEN Almega robotic welding arm (with turn-over table, 7-axial linkages), TIG welding machine, CO2 welding machine, spot welding, suspended spot welding, and etc. can undergo a variety of welding jobs. Efficient quality welding equipment together with experienced technicians achieves the high quality standards, providing customers with high-quality and stability of the workpiece.

OTC DAIHAN Almega Welding Robot:

Automated robotic welding arm with automatic turn-over table and seven axial linkages to complete any track space and any attitude motion, providing optimum welding angle and position of the workpiece. Perfect combination of robotic arm and welding machine meets the needs of a variety of welding automated production to improve welding quality, welding consistency, and welding efficiency.

TIG Welding Machine:

TIG welding machine has stable arc and at a high temperature welding can protect electrodes and welding area from contamination of air impurities. For high-precision mechanical combination TIG welding can also be used. Our TIG welding machines currently used in stainless steel, low-alloy steel and low alloy steel pipe and other metal welding works.

CO2 Welding Machine:

CO2 welding machine uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to protect arc and melten pool while welding, so is called CO2 welding machine. CO2 welding machine is a DC constant voltage welding machine based; high welding efficiency and almost anti-slag.

Spot Welding:

DC spot welding can undergo precise welding, and spot welding can be partly alternative for soldering, copper, silver and TIG welding and other welding. It has advantages of material saving, free of manipulation, fast welding, stable welding quality and etc.

Suspended Spot Welding:

Used in spot welding of large workpiece, and to solve the deep throat workpiece restrictions from general spot welding.

Technically, we have mold design, development, and production, sheet metal design, OEM-ODM development of mechanical components, metal parts processing, machinery automated welding processing, automated machinery and equipment, high-quality CNC machine plate bending, CNC bending, CNC welding, assembly processing, laser cutting, punching processing, drilling processing, precise machining parts processing, milling machine processing, individual parts and various parts processing to provide competitive products and services with fare prices to our customers.

CHUNG PU sees each customer as our most valuable asset, and recognition and praise from customer is the driving force of the company. We are confident that our professional service will provide each customer with the proper solution and meet customer demands and which is the most important philosophy of CHUNG PU when was found.