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- Servo Motor Bar Feeder.
- Range of feed diameter 4-38mm.
- Feed length 1000-3200mm.
- Optional synchronization device to suit sliding headstock or fixed headstock CNC lathe.
- High stab山ty, high speed, low noise, high efficiency.
- High rigid fabricated machine body features durability and stability.
- Quickly and convenient to replace the bar channel.
- Roller type anti-vibration device can be adjusted according to bar size, that helps to lower consumables cost.
- HIMI touch screen.

Bar diameter 4mm-38mm
Magazine capacity 32pcs(10mm)
Power supply 220V
Feed drive AC servo motor
Controller & Screen Digital Interface PLC control &HMI touch panel
Weight 730KG
Length 4010mm
Height 1050mm-1350mm
Width 710mm
Height of spindle 870mm-1170mm
Maximum bar length 1000mm-3200mm