Creative sheet metal

B & B with the R & D plan

Your garden to build their own outdoor space

Peoples will choose to decorate their wooden and rattan outdoor space, sun and wind and rain down destruction become mottled Consumables
The plan to build B & B with the eastern region H After fantasy garden where butterflies on a leafy lawn chair dancing.

Butterfly chair  manufacturing process in factory 

Laser cutting   NCT punching    Bending and forming

Welding grinding    Surface treatment

Assembling Packaging (butterfly chair a group of people can easily stand)

New World aluminumiron products

Currently import the latest transfer technology, make outdoor spaces
More facilities Arts Habitat.


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Chung Pu was founded in 1988.We has been producing high quality products over 20 yearsand become one of the highly skilled producers in Taiwan now.

We are specialized in laser cutting, wire cutting, NCT ,CNC lathe,CNC TUBE & PIPE BENDER,CNC hydraulic,

machinery sheet-metal and special parts processing. Our company devoted to quality management and R&D.










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